Why Use Twitter to Grow Your Online Business

Twitter what does that mean to you, just a social networking site or something more? Well, for an ordinary Internet user, Twitter is just another website that allows people to share their thoughts, their views by posting a 140 character message. But, for an Internet marketer it is a great online marketing tool.

Never heard of Twitter being an Internet marketing tool before? Here are the reasons why we say so, and why you should use Twitter to grow your online business.

The Follower Base

The word follower' is appealing. People always want others to follow them. And, this is what Twitter allows us to do follow and get followed. After an account is created with a company's name, you'll have to start posting quality content to attract more and more followers.

This can be done either by posting links of articles, videos, or a short message about the product you sell or something similar to what you have to offer. With the passing time, as the followers increase, the traffic to the business website increase paving way for more profits.

The Tweet Power

Twitter started with a concept of 140 character message that allowed people to convey what's on their mind. This revolutionized the overall social media marketing method. Companies and individual Internet marketers use Twitter to market their products and service to a group of interest people called followers.

Tweet as we all know can be a real game changer for any business. Few tweets a day related to your business will keep the followers and your business growing.

Tweet Back to the Followers

Curious followers tweet you with the questions they've regarding your business. All you've to do is keep in touch with them by answering their queries and giving them value.

All followers are not individuals willing to buy your product, but there are also companies that promote it on your behalf. They expect you to promote their business just like they do. The reason behind this is to drive traffic from through recommendation of well-established businesses. Therefore, tweet back to the followers and you'll see your business develop.

Twitter apart from driving traffic to the business blog or website, it improves the page ranking on search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

There are many more advantages to avail with Twitter, utilize it to overcome the problems of promotion and traffic. Still wondering if it really works?

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